Losing my Nanna

Hi everyone, I don’t know where to start and I am not good at talking about my feelings but I really need some support. I lost my nanna 6 years ago , my best friend , my everything and the only person I could ever really talk to. I know what your all probably thinking wow 6 years get over it. But I bottled things up for so long. She died suddenly and I didn’t get to say goodbye or tell her I loved her. Am now still greving and am really down about it at the moment . I always think of her , I just feel empty ,I cry alone about it. I really struggle talking to anyone and my closest friends and family have no idea. Anyone else feel like this? Sorry hope am not wasting your time.

Thank you so much. Sorry for your loss too xx

Bless you Jasper, you must have loved your nanna very much. How lucky she was to have had such a loving grandchild. Of course you’re grieving and you will probably grieve forever but that’s not to say you’ll cry forever because you won’t. There will come a time when you can think of your nanna without tears and she will bring a smile to your face. Please don’t hide your feelings, come on here and tell us. You could never waste our time. We understand believe me. Sending you a big hug xx


Thank you so much, I feel like a weight off my shoulders xx

Hi Jasper,
Firstly may I say I’m so sorry for your loss. There is no time limit on grief for I firmly believe you don’t get over losing a loved one , we each find a way of coping. It’s hard when you don’t get the time to properly say goodbye. I lost my daughter to cancer 13th May this year and lost my mother 26th October this year. When I lost my mum I still had my daughters ashes at home because I couldn’t let go. Since we arranged to have them buried with my mum and it’s a little comfort that mum can look after her and they will have each other. I talk to their photos, tell them all the things I wish I had been able to before they passed. It’s not a cure all but it helps me cope just a little bit better than I was. You were obviously very close to your gran, maybe you could try looking at photos and trying to remember the happy times. They don’t take away the pain but it does help you get through the next hour without them. We all have our different ways to get by, I just hope you find a way of inner peace soon. Sometimes going to a place where you have memories and talking to them can help, remembering the fun you had in that place. Remember chances are your family feel the same only they have been lucky enough to find their coping mechanism, try to talk to them or if you find that too difficult print your letter you wrote on hear and let them read it. We are all stronger together. Take care and remember there is always someone here to listen.

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Thank you so much chele what a lovely message I will do. Am so so sorry for your losses you sound like you been through a horrendous time. I hope your finding a coping mechanism too as your will be far more raw than mine. Here if you need anything at all. Take care :heart::heart:

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I’m struggling to carry on with looking after my girls and day to day life hope it will get easier

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So sorry to hear your loss. Hope you find some comfort on here. We are always here for you. And don’t rush take all the time you need xxx