Losing my parents

I lost my dad in 2018 quite suddenly to cancer. I was heartbroken and still am. I was the rock for my mum. We muddled through it together. My mum’s health deteriorated and was admitted to hospital and died suddenly in August last year. I can’t explain how much grief I felt and I just couldn’t breath. I miss them both so much but still can’t come to terms with my mum passing. I lived with them both and cared for them and now I feel completely lost. I have a few good days and then terrible days. I just can’t believe what has happened. I don’t have any family here in the UK as they are abroad. People seem to think I should be getting on with my life and not be so upset but I’m heartbroken. I force myself to work, walk the dog, look after my horses. Trying to get back into the gym but I struggle. Is this normal do you think?


Thank you very much for this it really helps.

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