Losing my partner and my mother

I lost my partner for 11 years in june23rd 2022 and not only that i lost my mother on the 3rd may2022 as i,ve had no help from anyone at and all my family are dead and so are the friends that i had and i,am just alone on my own trying the best way i can to deal with things and just cant belive the way i,am being treated by people as i times like this you find out who you true friends are going to be and the ones that are not going to betray my trust as i,ve had my trust betrayed so many times that i,ve lost count and just dont know who to trust anymore


Hi @Christopher1
So sorry you have had this double trauma to deal with. This community will I’m sure support you when others don’t.
In my experience there is a lot of understanding and empathy from everyone and we all respect each other’s need to express whatever is going through our minds.

Sending love. xxx

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Yes iam all alone without any help at all and no one to trun to as all my family are dead and so are the friends that i had and i find it extremly hard to trust any one when i have had my ttrust betrayed so many times that i have lost count as the only one i could trust was my karin who died in my arms and without her iam nothing my anixty and stress levels are through the roof


I do hope that between us here you will find new people to trust. We are, I know, not the same as friends in person but people in this community do at least understand each other’s pain and can empathise.