Losing my sister and mum

My sister died seven months ago after a long battle with cancer, then 2 days ago my mum died, I just feel so lost, they were the people I was closet to, how do you get through this

Hi Marie,

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost both your Sister and Mum so recently, I’m sure you are feeling lost after losing 2 loved ones so close to you. Taking it day by day is sometimes all you can do.

Do you have a close friend that you can turn to for support & share how you’re feeling? Being able to talk about your feelings and emotions is really important.

There are lots of wonderful supportive people in the community who will understand what you’re going through. I’m sure they will reply to your post.

Please keep talking to us & take care. Trudy x

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Hello Marie,
I find that going for a walk helped me. Took me a few weeks to make the effort, and was glad I did.
Visit charity shops? I found our local Sue .Ryder shop was good, always seem to meet some other customer to chat to, or something to buy .
It is probably much to soon for you.

My son died in December after three years of a lung disease, I was numb and still am.
Tonight, I want to talk to my sister. She was one year younger than me, but died of cancer seven years ago.

I find I am tired, often confused, and unable to,type sense, keep having to correct the nonsense thatbaooearsnon screen…see what I mean!

I am sure someone will be of more immediate help to you.

Sending best wishes and hugs.

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Thank you for reaching out, I have great family and friends, but my mum and my sister where my touchstones and like you I just want to speak to them, Marie

Dear Marie

It’s heartbreaking when 2 loved ones die so closely together. My mother died and just 3 months later my lifelong partner has suddenly died. Like you I am completely lost, I have no idea what to do with my days. The only thing I find helps me is walking in the country which we always did together. I am so sorry for your losses- Jackie

Thankyou got your words, this is a tough world, regards, Marie

Hi Marie

I am so sorry to read of your very sad news,and send you my love .
It would have been my beautiful ,sweet Mum’s birthday today -I lost her after nursing her at my home with terminal cancer in January .She was the last of my close family ,since I have already lost my husband and dad ,and am an only child with no children .It is a strange thing to be in my mid 50’s with nobody to answer to (apart from the dog!),but there is still joy to be found and a legacy to continue in memory of our loved ones .I really do find that it is essential to take a day at a time as much as is possible,and to help with that ,walks in nature are great ,and I also practice mindfulness meditation daily -it doesn’t take away the grief (that has its own process ,I think),but helps one to remain calm and in present moment awareness .Really thinking of you ,and all others who are grieving on this site -there is nobody this condition escapes ,sadly!xx

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