Losing my son suddenly

I list my 32 year old son yesterday . I came home from holiday and found him dead against his bedroom door . He had underly health issues but seemed well on Saturday when I spoke to him . I’m totally lost


Hi Ajth
I am so very sorry for the loss of your son, it must have been traumatic to find him like that. I lost my son in May , sudden unexpected death. You will still be in shock , probably for a few weeks . I hope you have friends and family around, you will need them. I was just in denial for weeks , felt like I was in some parallel universe, this can’t be real. Still feel like that now. It Took all my energy just to keep breathing in the beginning. The pain is just unbearable, they are not supposed to go before us. All I can say is take your time, be patient with yourself, only do as much as you can cope with and take all the help you can get.
You will find yourself experiencing all sort of emotions and feelings which you will see others have felt as well on this site. I found that very helpful here as sometimes I thought I must be going mad.
I hope you find comfort reading other people’s posts as I have as we go on this terrible journey we never wanted to be on.
When I feel I have no where to turn I come on here as no one understands unless they have been through it, and I can find comfort from others going through the same thing. It’s
I read lots of posts and it took many weeks before I felt strong enough to post on here, but soon found lots of help and advice , hope you do to. Keep posting and reading. Just get through the next hour, the next day, that’s all we can do.
Take care Jss


Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you have some help with your shock & trauma. There are many posts on here with poor people in similar situations to you. It will help you to keep looking at them all. Other people who have been through this truly do understand.

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