Losing my Wife

This is my 4th attempt to write on this website and each time I have deleted my post. I am new to this and not sure where, how to start.


Sorry for your loss. Start by telling us about your loss. About your partner. What happened. How do you feel. Just vent. Say whatever you wish. There is no judgement on this site. We are all in the same plight. Xx


Welcome to the site. If nothing else its a supportive group where we all support each other. You don’t say when your world changed. Mine was in January, my partner died suddenly and totally unexpectedly. I feel robbed, of him, our future. He was too young to die at 49 and I’m to young to be a widow at 57! It’s unfair but having said all that I try to stay positive and crack on with life, like he would want me to. Some days are harder than others but there are good days in between. There are also still some very dark days. We just get on with it and there really isn’t anything else we can do.


Weve all been there in those chaotic, terrible times, when life seems hopeless. But many of us have also got through it. So tell us what really hurts you. Remember that a trouble shared is a trouble halved.


@Patrick2 tell your story, people on this site have all been through it and on this terrible journey. I have taken great comfort in letting my emotions run amok on here and have always had great support :heart::blue_heart:

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At least you have now posted and made a start.
Everyone on here will support you and try and comfort you as we are all navigating our way through grief.
Tell your story in your own time, say as much or as little as you feel you can, there will be lots of support for you all the way.
Take care x


Use this site my friend …it has been a life saver for me…only those in this terrible club can understand…so sorry you had to join :love_you_gesture::revolving_hearts: