Losing myself

Losing my child when she was only 6 month nearly destroyed me but I continued and had 2 more children

I’m February this year I lost my Dad after watching Alzheimer’s take away every part of him .

I wasn’t there when he died , we left 2 hours before hand and I feel like I let him down

I miss him so much and organised must of his funeral and I have cried so much .

I’m not me anymore and yesterday I broke after not being able to watch the father / daughter dance at my family members wedding , I was bridesmaid and spent the rest of the night feeling sad and didn’t dance or take hardly any photos , I feel I’m letting my dad down by still bring so heartbroken.

I was so looking forward to this wedding as the bride means the world to me but I feel I let her down as well

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So sad to read about your precious baby also on the loss of your Dad,
I lost my Mam 9 weeks ago, I had been her full time carer for 3 years and like you I wasn’t there at the end I was on holiday, I tried my hardest to get back but I was too late, like you this has been so very hard for me, I feel like I let my mam down aswell, it tears me up inside :broken_heart: My siblings were with my Mam thank god.

Il say to you the same as everyone says to me… you didn’t at all, your dad will be watching over you and he will.want you to live your life, yes it’s a different life now, a life you didn’t want but you have to show your Dad in his memory you will live, love and laugh again. :heart:
Always here for a chat
Take care x

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I was also my Dad’s carer for 3 years until he got to much for my mum and had to go into a care home , I hated that especially with Covid making it hard to see him .

I just feel lost

@Feelingsad grief is a price we pay for loving someone so deeply :broken_heart: