Losing partner suddenly

My partner died as a result of an accident and ended up on life support for two weeks so we never got to actually say goodbye to one another.The shock of losing him is still here,6 months later but I am slowly learning to live in a world without him.Looking at old photos of when we first met has been hard but I am trying to turn the sadness into feelings of gladness because I had him in my life.Myself and my two kids are walking a path we didn’t choose and we miss him so much but we are supporting one another and helping each other every day.I find comfort in nature and it’s ability to renew,especially in this season of spring.I have also found comfort from a book called ‘Healing after loss’ by Martha Whitmore Hickman which is a little book with beautiful messages.Talking to people and friends has helped too and rolling with all the emotions that Pete’s death has brought.Don’t surpress them but go with them is my advice xx

Hi Penny,
I am so sorry to hear about the circumstances of Pete’s death. It must have been such a shock to you and your children and I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you all. I’m pleased though that you have the support of your two children and that you’re finding some comfort in nature, books and talking to friends.

You talk of rolling with all the emotions and I think that is a really fitting way of talking about grief. Losing someone brings so many different emotions at different times and, as you say, it helps to go with them and acknowledge them as they come.

I hope you find that talking to others in a similar situation within this community brings some further comfort.

Take care,