Losing partner

Six months,
I can get thru the day but checking doors and putting lights off is the worst.
I’ve noticed the initial rush of sympathy quickly dwindled and now
feeling resentful to those I thought were friends. No body calling or popping round is making me quite angry - my son & daughter are the only ones to visit me -


Dear Kath23

I’m sorry to hear of your loss and that you now find yourself going through this horrible journey. They say denial is one stage of going through the grief process …… I feel I have visited every stage of grief ten times over and Im still none the wiser how I will get passed this awful pain and heart ache.

Sending you a hug

Thankyou for your very welcome hug.
Unless someone has walked in your shoes, I find their words are hollow and unhelpful.

This “friend” of many years has only popped round twice mainly to tell me her news.

Is feeling resentful part of the grieving process?

Hi Kath

My husband died unexpectedly 9 months ago, and I too have experienced friends fall away. It is so hurtful, maybe they feel that they have to deal with their own mortality if they see me., who knows. It’s only my kids that come round, which I am so grateful for. I have recently come to the conclusion that we need to make new friends who understand. I am not quite ready to go and join groups etc yet, but I will at some point.

The feeling angry and resentful I am still going through with some days worse than others, I hate the coming home to an empty house, Other people on here have experienced the same so I think it is a normal feeling to have.

Keep posting. I have felt better being able to vent or share on here, everyone knows what you are going through.

Take care x

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Thankyou .
I lost hubby & dog within a very short time but I image them together now
I’ve just seen neighbour out with his dogs & reminded me that he has never acknowleged or offered help in any way.
Could he or his wife not have offered to take my dog out.??
This morning I wanted to go to door and shout at him for being a nasty uncaring person. I thot they were friends but clearly not.

Am sorry for your loss Kath and it is sad how people act… It’s not hard just to say hi I’m thinking of you and here anytime you need me… Regardless of if it happens is just a nice caring thing to do…
Hope you’re keeping busy and distracted…x

Sorry to hear of your loss Kath I feel exactly the same Some friends have stopped coming round some of my family really aren’t bothered and I haven’t seen them or heard from them since the funeral 2 yrs this month still can’t quite believe it
I don’t show my feelings to friends very much as I don’t want to embarrass them so this site has been wonderful to share my feelings with like minded lovely people thanks for listening x

Thanks to all in this community,

I often re-read posts as they keep me “grounded” & remind me that I will one day adjust to my new situation –

No doubt, if I contacted “friends” then they would come for a coffee then it would be back to - you know where we are etc - I’m thinking why should I bother to reach out?

Getting by with help from our son & daughter, I’d be totally lost without them.

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I love this community and have made life long friends and for me I don’t need all the fake people I once thought to be my friends…
In your shoes yeah I wouldn’t bother to reach other they ain’t worth your time or energy… You can find proper friends that are genuine x

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