Losing partner

I lost my partner this year its been 6 months now and as expected nothing is gettin better in 29 and knew her since i was 11 a miss her so much and just dont see this ever gettin better just hopin speakin to people who are goin through sanw thing mite help

Hi so sorry for your loss.
I lost my husband 7 weeks ago it’s so hard isn’t it?
I had known my husband since school so we had been together for 30 years (married for 19)
Do you have good friends and family around you?
At the moment it’s still very raw for you. I find this group a great help. I know you’re hurting at the moment but so many here understand how you’re feeling and we’re always here to talk too. xx

@Gary193 - I hope your day is a bit better than yesterday. It is hard, it really is and your friends on here really get it and really understand. I am nearly 11 months in since my husband died. Each day is unpredictable in terms of emotions and ability to cope. Today is a good day for me. I’ll take that! Hold on, my friend, hold tight - your friends here understand and are with you.

Today has been a really bad day for me too. It seems to be extra painful today for some reason. I just want it to stop. I’m dreading Christmas and I just can’t see any point in keep fighting.

oh @Jean8, I am sorry. I know how hard this is. I had a better day during the day but the long evenings stretch out, don’t they? I am treating Christmas like just another day - it is my first since Tom died and last year, when he was in the hospital, it was horrendous. A group of friends are taking over a restaurant for lunch, so I have booked to go with them but am free to drop out if I can’t do it on the day. If you can, do something for you this evening and remember that your loved one keeps loving you and wanting the best for you. Lean on that as much as you can, my friend. Loads of love xxx