Losing partner

I lost my partner this year and its been so hard its 7 months in now and iv tried brave faces gone out a few times but always with the feeling of dread knowning when i get home his not going to be there it was so sudden i cry still everyday i feel sick constantly i feel that there is just emptiness without him


Hi @Catherine1234xx so sorry for what’s happened. Well done for going out and trying. Life had changed for us and it’s hard. I’m nearly 9 months in and do get out and about. Work had been a godsend and the friends within work. My family and his have been amazing too.
I’m grateful I still have two kids at home but they’re not kids, they are adults but I’m glad they are still around, it does make a difference.
Keep chatting on here, We’ve all been or are where you are. Crying everyday is perfectly normal, although mostly my tears are short and sweet now. I’m moving forward nicely and life is good.


Thank you sorry for your loss i have teenagers at home too so they keep.me going i just couldnt of never imagined my life without him its so hard

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Yes, we were supposed to grow old together and it’s such a shock when they don’t come back. It’s a major adjustment in life. It’s one that I never prepared for.


Big hugs to you. I lost my gorgeous fantastic beautiful wife sue on the 1st February this year. I,ve been out a few times and a couple of bike rallies but felt odd not ringing sue or coming home and sue not being here .been a lot more tearful recently especially since its coming up to 9months .just feel so lost without sue


Hi Martyn2,

I lost Colin in July this year.
He was like you out and about on his motorbike with me mostly and with friends. I have not been out on a bike since although his friends have offered to take me with them. At the moment, it is too hard to go. I felt safe with Colin, i am not sure i would with anyone else. I miss him so much and like you, lost, I’m here but I’m not, i am just going through the motions.
Sending Hugs.

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Hugs to you as well nicky 1961.I know how it feels. A friend comes over so often and takes me out on his trike until i can finish mine off

Google Photos
This is Colins. Went like the wind blew. I think we were off to Scotland for a few days. I think all panniers were full of my clothes:)

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Another day out on the Egg Run we did every year happy days.
I have so many memories to treasure. One of our friends actually called the other day when we were having the not too bad weather and asked if i wanted to ride with them but like i said, it wouldn’t be the same. Maybe one day…aye?

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Definitely you never know

Nicky1961 .we did a run to bluebell wood children’s hospice in 2018.took 4 carloads of toys down there and the kids loved seeing the bikes and trikes.i was president of ride til we rot society at the time.looking forward to getting back out there since loosing my right leg below the knee to something called charcots foot and the ankle collapsed beyond repair.we did a fundraising event in june for lyndsey lodge hospice scunthorpe and unfortunately some of the reps forced me out so i resigned afterwards.dishonoured my gorgeous beautiful wife sues memory

I lost my partner 7 months ago too. It’s so hard, I miss him so much. I have lots of friends and family but I miss a cuddle and someone being there for me. I want to share my day with him, chat with him, plan with him. Nothing is the same. I am so sad inside and I’m finding it exhausting trying to be cheerful. Everyone says time heals but I don’t feel that. My life feels like I’m drifting with no purpose. What am I going to do with the rest of my life?

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Arr that sounds lovely. I bet the children were over the moon with all the toys, bless them. We don’t see that sort of kindness very often. Your wife looks so happy in the photo.
People can be so unkind sometimes. Colin used to work for a company that his childhood friends created and work for them for nearly 20 years all told. I have not heard from them since. They dropped his tools off from his works van and then gone, no turning back…out with old and in with the new.
It makes my blood boil to think that he is forgotton and replaced in a heart beat…i could swear.
Go out next time your friend come around and make memories, i know that is what Colin would want me to do, easier said than done though isn’t it?

I know what you mean. I too have family and friends but the cuddles i used to get from Colin were unbelievable. He sure knew how to cuddle and i miss that so much. I would phone him during the day asking how his day was going or he would call me and tell me he had seen a yellow magnolia tree in someones garden because he knew i wanted one or he would send me photos of ornaments he had seen that he thought i might like. I miss that thoughtfulness.
They do say that time is a great healer, i don’t see how time can grown me another heart.