Losing the love of your life

Lost my husband of 55 years on Saturday and feel so numb I don’t know how I am going to cope without him.

…let me be the first to give you a hug…((( hug )))
I am Jackie, 68, diagnosed with PP-MS at age 64, lost my partner of 20 years Richard age 74 suddenly at home in his armchair due to a heart blockage six months ago 11th April and life for me is just surviving day to day, not living, nor do i have family around me as they are 150 miles away…

I can only hope that you have family around you as this is the time of everyone comforting everyone…more so for you as you have been together for the most part of your lives…Your hubby is still with you…please take comfort in knowing this…he will be guiding you…


Thank you yes I have got family around me I would definitely go under without them. I am sorry for your loss, I hope it gets easier to cope with time

55 years is a lifetime and you will have known nothing but life with your lovely man. It’s hard to live without that special someone looking out for you. I lost my husband of 47 years after 10 years of him being ill. I have had to rebuild my life. I talk to him all the time. It’s hard, it’s lonely. Your family need you so you have to keep going. Bit by bit you will find your way of getting by. Be good to yourself. treat yourself as often as you can. Pamper yourself. You know he would want you to.

Hello Paula. For a start you have come to the right place. Every one of us know how you feel. You can come on here and say what you want without judgement.
It’s a year next month since I lost Brian and it seems like yesterday. So I am not going to say that it is going to be an easy journey. The ups and downs of mixed emotions is tiring and confusing. I am not going to say time will heal as I was told as I still haven’t noticed any let up yet. Some of us will say that we don’t heal we just learn to live with the grief and I’m inclined to feel this is probably correct.
You will feel numb for a while but you will now have things to sort out. I wanted to walk out of our house and run but of course I couldn’t.
I hope your family will help you and be there for you but do be prepared for family and friends going back to their own lives. This is when you will have to dig deep for strength. Go with the emotions, cry when you feel like it. Some of us write a letter or in a journal to our loved ones every day. We tell them how we feel and what we have been doing. It does help. You feel as if you won’t cope but you will get through this. Keep with the forum it really will help you to understand your mixed emotions and help to know that others are feeling exactly the same, you are not alone.
God bless


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