losing your husband

i lost my husbanb on the 13 december its been very hard to get my head together i would like to talk to other people that has lost there husband and are trying to cope with gri
ef i feel so lonely

Hi Patricia
It is I think the hardest thing to go through this grief we find ourselves in. It is a lonely place to be sometimes even when surrounded by family and friends.
I dont believe its something to get over if ever but it does get easier as it goes along. I dont have a time scale as we are all different.
But eventually there are moments of better times.

I understand your feeling of loneliness. Even when people are around, there is a loneliness because he isn’t there. I think it will take a long time to adjust - I am only 2 weeks into this journey. I know there will be many lonely times ahead.

Thank you for listening

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I lost my husband in October last year ,I feel you pain . I didn’t think I would be so eaten with grief…
sending you strength :pray:

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Hello everyone on this thread.
I lost Steve two years ago tomorrow . Today is not a good day. I remember my last night at the hospital well. I sat on a hard chair, pillows on the bed to rest my head. It was horrible. He passed away, with my children there. It’s been a terrible journey. I’ve had to take control of finances, taking out the bins, changing a king size duvet. Buying a new car, you name it and I’ve had to do it. This has all made me a stronger person. I’ve had to do things that I never thought I would have to do. I still cry in the night for things that we shared, things that we’ll never do again. Grandchildren that he had not seen, I miss him terribly, I never thought that I would get to a point wherever I accept what had happened, but I have. I don’t like it, I still cry nearly every day but not all day. Love to you all. Xx


Hi montague, its positive that you are accepting what happened. Its an awful think to happen and leaves a big hole. I to have realised how much my husband did around the home. I now do bins, car to carwash, tip runs , cut grass and have even cleaned out the blocked, overflowing drain. Disgusting job. The little things that i didnt notine. He did so much. Nothing will ever be the same.


I remember, years ago, my husband sitting looking at his laptop one day, when I was really busy cleaning. This was unusual as he always did so much around the house. I must have got out of bed the wrong side because I said, ‘how can you sit there reading, when I am rushing about like a blue - ar*ed fly?’. He got out of the chair, grinned at me and said, ‘you’ll miss me when I’m gone!’
How very true that was.

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