Loss and Alzheimers

Hi, lost my darling Mum in December to alzheimers. I’m really struggling but putting on a brave face for family and friends. Everyone’s saying it’s a relief for her and she’s not suffering anymore which I absolutely get. I feel guilty for having been so focused on the alzheimers and not who she was before this awful disease took her away from us, I’m angry that she was robbed of the last years of her life. I just want to scream at the world. X

Dear @Klm

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry for the loss of your mum. You have come to the right forum to scream and we are here to support you.

Have your considered chatting to your GP as to how you feel and getting support from them?

Sue Ryder has useful bereavement and support information you may find helpful along with connecting with members on here under the topic Losing a Parent for support who have experienced the loss of a parent.

Please continue to reach out and take care of yourself. If you need further information, please email online.community@sueryder.org.


Hello Klm

I opened your post with immense apprehension as I lost my Mum to Alzheimer’s in December as well. I was worried about being deeply upset, but I couldn’t not do.

My thoughts are the same as yours, I am distracting myself manically because not doing so means I have to be alone with my thoughts.

I’m tormented by lots of things. Alheimer’s, shows no mercy and unless it’s been experienced first hand no one can really understand. Some may even think it’s solely a memory issue.

Alzheimer’s loss is no greater nor less than other loss but it’s very different and extremely complex and there’s a lot to emotionally cope with and make sense of.

I know my words are neither encouraging nor positive but I just wanted to say you are totally understood and I empathize completely with how things must have been and what you are now going through.

I’m always around if you’d like to chat, no pressure. Either way please accept my kindest wishes. It’s not easy - just bit by bit is the only way.