Loss and anger

I lost my mum a year ago to pancreatic cancer. I’ve not sought to get help and until now have been very stubborn about it. Recently however it’s all getting very overwhelming, me and my partner are arguing which never used to happen and I’m angry all the time. I dont really like the idea of going to talk to someone face to face and so this seems like a good idea. I just want to be able to be less angry all the time.


I went to counselling for the first time today. I don’t think I stopped talking for the full hour. From the minute mum first had a bad back to the day she died I told her every minute detail. I definitely feel lighter. Now I need to work through my guilt with her. And stop the ocd tendencies that have been triggered by my mums death.

It can’t hurt can it. Book a session see how you get on. You will either think. No this isn’t for me. Or you will feel a slight weight lifted.

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Oh joules that’s good.
I’m glad today went well x

Thank you Cheryl. Will see how it goes

Laura3. Sorry I meant to say sorry about your mum.

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