Hi in 2014 I lost both my mum and my oldest brother, who was both really big parts in my life especially my mum she was the only parent I had growing up, in the last 6 months I’ve had to become my grandads carer and he’s recently been diagnosed with dementia. And he’s forgot that he’s lost my mum (his daughter) I’m finding it really hard to cope with life, my family use to be close but since losing my mum we have drifted apart

Hi Sambob62

You have been through so much and have a huge task ahead too so just wanted to reach out and send you a virtual hug.

Have you looked into dementia charities or local carers groups for support?

Up until recently I was caring for my mum at home. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 weeks after my dad died last May. She is in a care home now but I fully understand how hard caring for someone you love is.

Take care and keep posting. It has helped me.

Ann x

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Hi thank for the message back, no I haven’t but I will look into it