Loss of a sibling

I miss my brother. I miss talking to him. He died nearly three months ago. Age 30. Alone at home from a seizure. That hurts my heart that I was not there for him. I live away from my family and spent almost 3 months with them. Now I’m back in London alone and every day is a new struggle. Today someone told me I’m so brave but I am constantly sad and in tears.

I feel so alone, he was my only sibling. He was always a phone call away and would help me get out of feeling being homesick. I used to miss him so much when he was alive and far away and now he is gone the hurt is immeasurable.

Dear Kimikim, So sorry for your loss. I lost a sibling too, a beloved younger sister in May of 2018. My sister was also my best friend and the person I talked to every day. I understand about the loneliness and need to hear their voice again. Like your brother, my sister also had a way of making things better. You do not have to be brave, while your heart is breaking. People often do not know what to say, and think they are helping. But they do not see how we are bleeding inside. I am sorry you are far away from your family at this time of intense grief. Are there support groups in your area. I attend one at the hospital that treated my sister, and it is helpful. This forum is also a safe place to share your feelings. Here you can tell us anything, and we will listen and support you. I have found so much kindness here in the 7 months since my world fell apart. I hope you will post again. I send you caring thoughts and a shoulder to cry on. Take care. Sister2 Xxx

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Thank Sister2,

I really find a lot of kindness here. Im sorry for your loss also. Sometimes the shock comes in little attacks that he isn’t here anymore. I find hope that people are living on and able to encourage others even after still living with their pain. So thanks, your words carry hope. I haven’t found a support group as yet. I live in Teddington and will look for one.

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