Loss of a wonderful wife

It is 4 years today since I lost my wonderful wife after 40 years of happy marriage I was so lucky to have met her she was a wonderful mother to our daughter.

I miss her every minute of the day it never gets any easier the loneliness without her,she never complained she put others before herself and go out of her way to help others l miss hearing her voice the companionship going on holiday going shopping going for a meal I just loved being with her everyday of our marriage I could go on and on she fought such a brave battle with cancer never complaining once even now I still think she will walk through the door with that wonderful smile she always had even up to the of her life,but we have to go on for others hope I’ve not been too negative I just miss her so much X


Hello @M50,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your wife. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” for you - hopefully someone will have some thoughts to share.

Take good care,

@M50 I’m sorry that you haven’t had a response. 4 years, probably feels like yesterday to you. Losing a loved one is so hard and trying to adjust to a life without them is hard.

I’m sorry it’s still so hard for you. I’m nowhere near there yet, only 25 weeks today. The missing them is by far the hardest part.

I’m sorry for your loss,Your post is a mirror image on how I feel about losing my wife recently to cancer .She was the same right up to the end caring more about others and how they were dealing with her illness then herself.She was only 52 .I feel so lonely without her we were a team .We did everything together ,went everywhere together Everything reminds me of her .I can’t even watch tv because we had programs we liked to watch together .I feel like I died with her all that’s left Is a version of me going through life’s motions like a robot .


Thank you for your kind reply

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Hoping things start to improve for you

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So understand where you are coming from. Its now nearl 6 years since i lost my dear wife . Knew each other for 54 years,married for 47 years. She was such a caring thoughtful person and we had 3 lovely sons. Her first thoughts were always for others not so fortunate as us. She was my best pal . We met when we were 16 and she was a wonderful wife mum and granny. I miss her so much and talk to her every day. So lost without her. So angry that she got so little time with our grand children.