Loss of Appetite

I lost my husband of 28 years nearly 9 months ago and don’t know how to eat properly. My dear husband did all the cooking of delicious meals for us both. I can cook but have no interest since he died. Nothing tastes of anything anymore.


I am sorry to read of the loss of your husband and the lack of appetite you are experiencing. From what I have read on this forum a lot of people find it hard to raise the enthusiasm to eat after a bereavement.

I am like you, I can cook but find it incredibly boring, just a means to an end. My Mother, who I lived with, passed away over two years ago and we shared the cooking. She was a very good cook so I just did little bits here and there, more as she less mobile.

After Mum passed away what worked for me was comfort food that was easy to prepare. Meals such as baked potatoes with beans, scrambled eggs on toast, that sort of thing. The fresh soups available in many shops were a particular favourite. Easy to eat as well. Not hugely exciting meals but enough to keep you going. I found if I didn’t eat something ‘proper’ I would feel even worse so it would become a vicious circle of not feeling well or hungry and then not bothering to eat properly to counteract the problem.

Another idea is to see the practice nurse at your doctor’s surgery and ask for some dietary advice. They can check there are no other problems and advise you. My Dad was a firm believer in ‘tonics’ to help sort problems out and maybe some vitamin supplements may help you.

I hope this is of some help even though I am known in my family as one of the world’s worst cooks!


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