Loss of Baby & family members

Hi, I lost my Son Freddie at 22 weeks, my waters broke too early & he was alive for half an hour before he passed away, this was on the 31st May. On the 1st July, the weekend before my Sons funeral, we got a call to say my Dad had unexpectedly died at some point the end of June. A month after my Son died.

Then In September my Great Aunt died she was like a mother to me. I’m just finding it really hard to cope with the loss of them all. I feel soo sad & I’m not looking forward to Christmas because all 3 of them would of been here. I find it hard to go out & do things, sometimes I just want to just stay in bed. This has all happened this year 2022. On top of that I lost my job in September due to being bullied at work so things have been very bad. My partner & I have miscarried 4 times over the past few years. Just struggling with it all right now.


Hello @DaniRose, I am so sorry for the devastating losses you have endured; this is such a lot for anyone to cope with. It is completely understandable that you are struggling. .

Are you getting any support for your grief? We offer free Online Bereavement Counselling, which is held via video chat. You might also want to visit your GP and discuss what kind of support they would be able to offer.

You may also want to contact Sands, who support parents that have lost a baby. Their telephone helpline is free to call from landlines and mobiles on 0808 164 3332. They also have support groups where you can connect with other bereaved parents who understand.

We also have a Losing a child section and a section for Losing a parent, too.

Thank you for reaching out - I really hope you find the community to be a support to you.

Take care,

Dear DaniRose, I feel your pain and sending you warm hugs. My husband and I have had so many miscarriage that I stopped counting. This pain made me even more fixated on my mum, she was the only person I could go and cry to. She always said that one she will hold my child, it will happen, she always said. She suddenly died five weeks ago, she was ill but her illness was under control and she had good long-term prospects. She died due to her treatment, the irony of it. It was totally out of blue and I am not coping at all. I would never tell my dad but I blame him for what happened, she would be alive if he got her to hospital faster. Sometimes I get through the day only by thinking of my mum in heaven with all the children I lost. She is looking after them and they are looking after her, as she just arrived there. My beautiful mum with her grandchildren. Hope your Great Aunt and your dad are with your children xxx