Loss of both husband and mum

Three weeks ago I lost my mum. She had dementia and just faded away. 4 nights ago my husband passed away suddenly, we don’t know why and there will be a post-mortem. I have 2 young girls and an adult son with Autism and feel utterly devastated. How do I get through the next few days and weeks? How do I find the strength ?

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I’m so sorry you lost two loved ones in such quick succession. I lost my Mum suddenly over a year ago.
Regarding coping and finding strength. The only thing you can do is take in hour by hour and day by day. Rest often. I found going to bed an hour earlier every night helped with poor sleep. My GP warned me to make sure I ate well, as the body can get run down quite quickly. Be gentle with yourself. You will find the strength to carry on. Just take hour by hour.
Take care.

This website has helped me so much. The people here understand your pain cause they feel it to.