loss of both parents

I lost both my parents within 5 weeks of each other last year (April and June), my Dad had dementia and my mum cancer. Whilst at the time I felt I coped well I know find myself struggling and have terrible anxiety.

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Hi i hope you don’t mind me messaging you I loss both my parents too my dad died of lung cancer in june and mum had colon cancer which spread to her brain liver and lungs she died 3 weeks ago xx I feel like im in the foggy stages x one minute i cry next minute im staring into space xx How r u coping with it fo you have siblings . I have 2 sisters so we have each other now xx

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Hello, I’m so sorry for your loss , it seems like such a cruel world when both parents are taken so close together. I have a sister so we have each other for support too, I think as it happened so closely with my parents, and my Mum really deteriorated after my Dad died we had no time to grieve him. I think as we were very prepared I thought I had coped quite well in the aftermath, keeping busy, sorting everything out it is only now that the enormity of what we’ve lost is beginning to sink in and I am hoping to have some counselling. I hope you find a way through x

Yeah everyone is saying that to us we didn’t have time to grieve dad and we were straight on to mum worrying about her we never stopped . Yeah im hoping to get some sort of therapy too xx Dont know what thou xx
I think it reminding yourself its your time now thats the hardest thing to do xx
I alway want to pick up the phone and just phone mum about little things and ask her opinion xx
Its really hard xx