Loss of both parents.

I lost my mum on 6th December 2020 suddenly 5 days after my 40th birthday. December 1st my 41st birthday I lost my dad to terminal lung cancer. I feel soo lost without them both. Some days I can’t even speak fir crying. Other days I’m soo angry. I can’t cope with all the mixed emotions.


Dear @Tors

Welcome to the Community. I sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and dad.

The mixed emotions you are going through are perfectly normal and part of the grieving process. It is not a nice feeling with the ups and downs of emotions. Do you have family and friends that can support you?

If you have not done so already it would be worth booking an appointment with your GP for support and to see what support there is in your local area.

It would be worth looking at the Sue Ryder website here as they have information on Counselling, Bereavement and grief advice which will be of help to you.

The form here also has a topic on Losing a parent which will connect you to Community members who have also lost their parents.

Please do not feel you are alone and continue to reach out and take care.


I’ve been speaking with the gp and been put on depression tablets which apparently helps me to sleep, not working at the moment, it’s like a video playing in my mind of losing my mum and days up to my dad’s death. I’m getting counselling from cruse bereavement also which is starting this week.

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I am so sorry I know this pain I am living with it every day myself I also feel lost so I can relate. It is a disjointed feeling that is why I came to this site for support and it is helping me. You are not alone please continue to post I am here for you and so is this site take care Kate xxx

Thank you, I’m sorry yourf eethe same. I didn’t know where to go

I started a journal after I lost my mum and continued with it. I’ve also got ashes of them both in pendants which I don’t take offx


I understand what you mean about having these memories in you head all the time.This is why I came to this site for help knowing I am not alone take care Kate x