Loss of both parents

Hello, yesterday my dear father passed away suddenly. We’re not sure why yet but this is 9 weeks since my beloved mum died. Likely a broken heart.

I’m totally broken. I was just about coping with mum’s death because I had dad to support me. I feel completely lost , alone and in crisis. It’s like I can’t breath and have been kicked in the heart. We were so close.

How could I lose both so quickly. It’s so unfair. Dad promised me he would be here and he’s gone. I spoke to him the day before.

I have no idea what to do next. I need to care for my brothers but am bearly hanging on here.


What a nightmare, my heart goes out to you! Good you have your brothers, but you need someone to lean on too right now. Keep posting here, there are lots of caring people on this site and I hope more will comment and offer comfort. You’re in the worst of it, just take it one breath at a time and don’t look ahead. :heart: