Loss of concentration

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I can totally relate to being unable to concentrate and actually do things, ten months on and I still feel my brain is struggling on this point!

Life is so quick and expects us to be able to keep up doesn’t it? Mean while our minds and body just want to curl up and sob/remember/recall.

I’ve decided not to beat myself up for having to check details, plan a route, check my diary for what feels like the 10th time! I’m excepting that I have to give myself more time to do these types of things and slow down when I can, learning to meditate has been a very powerful insight into this.

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I thought this was a really interesting point from Julia (and great advice on not beating yourself up). I’ve made this into it’s own conversation so that people can discuss it further here if they want.

Problems with memory and concentration seem to be a common part of grief - has anyone else had the same feeling that their brain is in a fog?

This seems the right place just to let lose. Second year anniversary today and went to were we placed his ashes. Drove there and back making sure I drove well, then putting it into the garage I bumped it. Not bad but I am so cross with myself, so now I got the wine out and I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrw. So now I am into my 3rd year, well it feels no different to the first. Yes I have done lots of things, new car now with a bump, redecorated bits of the house because it was very needed. Bought a new carpet for the conservatory and done Rieki training but nothing makes it go away. The Rieki helps with the sleep and helps me to cope but I am still on my own without the one I loved for all those years and looked after. Sorry I am just not dealing with life today and I thought I would get though it, why I don’t know because that is silly. It does not go away. But tomorrow is another day. Role on tomorrow.

Oh dear, sorry to hear that you’ve knocked the car. So many of our members talk about what a tough time anniversaries are, and perhaps it’s not surprising that you lost focus for a minute. Please try not to beat yourself up, although I know that can be easier said than done!

I hope today is a little better for you.

Thanks for this Priscilla, yes today is a bit better. I have also been to the GP because I have a inflamed patch on my leg that also started to hurt more yesterday and overnight increased in size. It is an infection of some sort and I am now on antibiotics and return on Monday to see if it is getting better. So I have now stopped telling myself off and just accept that these things happen. Again the leg is all about grief and bereavement, so nothing new there. Not sure if I will ever feel any different but so what. As they say life goes on and tomorrow is another day. Thanks for all your support. Cup of tea time. (no alcohol)

Poor you, the leg sounds painful - hope the antibiotics do the trick. There can certainly be physical symptoms of grief, including being more prone to picking up bugs and infections.

Now you come to mention it, I think it might be cup of tea time here at Sue Ryder HQ, as well…