Loss of dad unexpectedly

I lost my lovely dad last weekend unexpectedly and very quickly.

He had early stage leukaemia but was ok. But then got COVID, then pneumonia. His immune system could not cope.

I am still in shock. I make lists of what I have to do but can’t stop crying. I think I am managing with ticking off lists but what happens when the lists end.

I love my dad so much. I still can’t believe he isn’t here.

Today I had to sort through his clothes to choose his last ones, I found that so hard.

What do you do when the lists end?

I’m so sorry for your loss , I lost my dad 5yrs ago and still it’s hard ,didn’t expect him to go so quick. It’s like being on auto pilot isn’t it… I made a memory bear from one of his shirts and slept with it under my pillow … writing things down sort of helped…like a dear dad …everything I wanted and wished I could say … silly but it helped. …
Believe he’s still with you in your heart… memories photos little thing helped to .

Sending hugs xxxx

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Thank you for your kind words.

I am sorry for your loss.

I have been sleeping with my dads dressing gown for comfort.It does help.

I still think he is here with me.

Sending hugs to you also.

Sukey xx


I lost my dad to covid pheumonia December 14th. The emotional rollercoaster that changes each day is unbearable. Like you, I have no words strong enough to describe how much I miss him. I still wait for his call. I haven’t found an answer to this yet but when I feel at my worst I wear his hat and t shirt and for that moment I feel him with me- it eases the pain a little. I talk to him everyday which I find also helps a little.

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