Loss of dad

I found my dad passed away at home on the 30/11/2020. My dad was an all round healthy man and his passing was so unexpected.
I’m only 19 and I’m struggling a lot with this- I find it hard to see any positive right now and need some support with this.
I miss him more than words can ever describe :heart:

Where do you live Brooke .
You need to talk to your doctor and also get bereavement counselling.
That is a very traumatic experience.
I am here for you if you want to talk.
My mum died on the 29th November and I am still in pieces .
But you are so young so I would be able to help .

I’m in Larbert Falkirk!

Thank you so much for your support x

Have you got family around you ?
I would be happy to give you a ring .
Not just being polite . You must tell your gp and there is an amazing organisation that offers bereavement counselling, free.
They are called CRUSE . Google them on cruse.org.uk

Please don’t forget to reach out to me

Hi im so sorry to hear about your dad passing. My dad passed in October I’m 26. Still doesn’t feel real, please reach out if you would like to talk. Sending love x

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