Loss of dad

Hi what I find hard is my dad passed away last oct it was sudden and I couldn’t say goodbye cause he didn’t want to speak to me cause he was dealing with his health problems his way and I didn’t get told he had gone till 2 days after event but I knew he gone cause I felt very sad and didn’t know why .

Hi Jetstar, I’m sorry about the sudden death of your Dad, I can empathise with you, both my parents died suddenly and I didn’t get to talk to either of them, before they went, they were both in hospital and seemed to be doing ok and the next thing I know is that they had died, which was such a shock, I keep telling myself that as far as they were concerned they didn’t suffer, which was great, but for me I was devastated, it’s something you come to terms with eventually, but like everything concerning the grieving process
, it takes time, sending love Jude xx