Loss of Dad

My Dad was my hero, my rock and a great father and daughter team. I’m feeling so crap today. It’s 3 months since he died. I just can’t imagine my life without him. I feel like I’m in a world I don’t want to be right now. Crying all the time, wanting him back so overwhelmed by it all. Just lost have no interest in anything anymore.
Grief is crippling and i don’t like it.


Hi,. Grief is a process. The heart ache you feel will ease. Each day think of a happy memory of your dad. This will make you smile. Talk to him every day in your head and you will hear his voice. I lost both my parents 6 and 7 yrs ago. I was heartbroken and thought my life was over. Now 7 yrs on I’m still here and living my life like they wanted me to do. Try to keep busy and do happy things . Be around happy people also this does help. No one with doom and gloom. Remember a heart that is broken is a heart that has been loved by your dad. Anne


I totally empathise with your feelings of overwhelming feelings, I’m just 8 months ahead of you and life is crap,I’ve never experienced anything like this and won’t ever again as i have never loved anyone as much!!!
Anyway, the very best of luck to you

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Thanks for your positivity!!! It’s sooo hard though