Loss of daughter

I am louise mum to 4 children. My eldest daughter passed away 2 months ago aged 22.I have been her some carer for 22 years as she suffered from a seizure disorder. It was not this that took her though it was pneumonia. I have such a huge void in my life now even though I have 3 other children I don’t even want to get out of bed .I have no idea how to cope with my emotions.My whole life had been turned upside down but I don’t even have the desire to try and make it right.I feel lost completely alone .please help.x

Dear coco.I know exactly how you must be feeling.I lost my darling girl in October last.so I am six months on this nightmare path.what can I say .it is no consolation to say things improve they don’t I cry almost every day .and howl at god for what he has done.carrying on is hard for me.I have become a bit reclusive in my grief.the consolation I can get is that my darling is intertwined and embraced within my heart so sorry for your loss of your darling girl .remember on here you are definitely not alone hugs Annette.