Loss of father

My father, sadly, after shielding for 17 months to protect my mum caught covid in July and passed away. We couldn’t visit him in icu due to covid restrictions and the last time I spoke to him was when he rang to say he was going on a ventilator, he died 10 days later. I was lucky enough to be allowed to sit with him when they turned off the life support. I’m at the stage where I’m angry with everyone, he was double vaccinated, he shielded, wiped down the doorstep deliveries, it just seems so unfair. I know it sounds silly but all this news about parties in downing Street has fuelled my anger( one party was dad’s birthday when we didn’t visit as followed the rules) I’m feeling worse as the months go by, not better :disappointed:


Susan you have every right to feel angry this government are a disgrace. I to wasn’t allowed to visit my hubby till the day he died while Boris was living it up. Jim never went out for 2 years so he didn’t get anything although he didn’t die of covid I’m really angry as well looks like they will get away with it


Hi Susan
I have also been very upset about the government’s partying. We shielded and did everything right to protect my husband because he was battling cancer. My daughter is angry too she put a post on Facebook Boris and his mates having a get together in the garden and her standing at the end of our path with a banner saying happy birthday dad may 2020. At least we did the right things to keep them safe. In our case kept him safe so he could attend her wedding which had been postponed 3 times. He died 4 days later xx

Hi misprint
I really hope they don’t get away with it but I have an awful feeling they might. They are a disgrace xx