Loss of husband

Hi, I have just joined as I lost my husband in April and I am now struggling with my grief and unable to carry out normal tasks.

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Hi Susan . I hate April . I lost the love of my life on 8th April. I will never get over it . I feel your pain pet . This group will help us and hopefully we can help others . Xxx

Hi Susan, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your husband, I’m sure you’ve been told this before, that it is still very early days, it must have been awful for you, especially because of Covid and the lockdown, even people who haven’t had a bereavement are having wobbles at the moment, you have to take every day at a time, some days will be better than others, eventually the good days will outnumber the bad, I know I cried every day for at least the first 6 months when my husband died, I just tried to keep myself busy, but even after 8 years I still miss him and I’m sure you will never stop missing yours, but try and remember all the lovely times you had together, sending love and support to you xx

Thank you, I wish I could fast forward my life as at the moment the pain is unbearable.
Friends now have stopped getting in touch regularly and I feel a burden if I try to contact them.
I feel like an amputated limb with nothing or no one to attach myself to.x

It’s strange how friends go of the scene makes you feel 10 times worst because if we contact them we do feel like a burden and we should not we’re going through hell. 4 months with Mick passing today 2 friends got in touch to come and see me have not heard from them for 2 months. Take care x

Thanks Kim, I hope now joining this group will help me on this awful journey. From the comments and letters I have read, it is true that only people who have suffered a loss understand the feelings and issues that I am currently going through. I hope it will make my journey bearable.

Lesley and Susan , I feel your pain and Zi hate April too. It’s my birthday month but I still hate it. My Dad died many years ago on my birthday and then I lost. Malcolm this April. The pain just seems to increase, although some days are slightly better. It’s so good that we can all help each other on here and get support when things are bad. Sending love and hope x

Thanks bjane, that month I will never forget.
My husband’s last words before being taken in the ambulance were “I’m so scared “ Those words will forever remain in my memory. I could not help him in any way. That was the last time I heard his voice.
The next time I saw him was 10 days later, on a morphine infusion, and then his ventilator was switched off.
That vision of him, so helpless at the end is constantly there.
It is reassuring to know that I am not on my own and hopefully will have the support of you all. Xx

Susan I really know how you’re feeling. I can’t forget the sight of Malcolm being wheeled, unconscious, into the ambulance and the pain of not going with him, like you said not being able to help him. We couldn’t go for two days but then at end of life care we could. We went to see him for the next two days, still
unconscious , then were phoned the next day to say he’d died. The heartbreak we’ve all been through, made so much more unbearable by coronavirus. But we’re all united in our grief and will help each other through. Sending heartfelt lovex