Loss of husband

I’ve just joined this group so still finding my way here . My husband died 16 months ago , the first year I just seemed to be struggling to navigate the various dates - first this , first that . Now I’ve got through that I’m trying the best I can to create some sort of life for myself 3ven though it’s a life I don’t want . Exercise classes help me greatly but I still feel so alone much if the time .


Hi ,it’s 14 months since my husband died . I love and miss him more and more each day . I am also now trying to live a life I don’t want . I work only to pay the bills . I would much rather sit in the house than go out . Even though it is a house now and not a home . I had been with husband from us both being 16 so I know no other life . I’m 60 now but feel a lot older. Yet when husband was here I always felt young .had a young outlook on life. I keep thinking I need to find a hobby . But husband was my hobby as well as my life . I’m still just taking it one day at a time . Hope you find some help on this site . There are some lovely people always there to support and help . Xtake carex


It’s been nearly 15 months since my husband died, I’ve fallen in to a pattern of work and doing stuff with the kids, I find the routine keeps me sane. It’s my 50th coming up on the 20th and our 21st wedding anniversary, my second without him, we were together since we were 17 right up until our 48th birthdays. I miss him every moment of the day, I miss laughing with him about silly work things, I miss talking about the kids and having someone to share big and little decisions with. I miss him just being next to me, drawing comfort from the sureness of him. I still celebrate our wedding anniversary, I decided earlier in the year that although he is not here our marriage was joyful and happy and I am still married to him, he is still my husband so I bought one of those notch bracelets and I will buy a notch for it each year for our anniversary .


Hi , that is a lovely idea for your wedding anniversaries . I still class myself as being married . It was our 40 th in June . I spent most of the day doing the garden nice for a present for husband . It did look nice when I had finished . And I did feel proud . I hate gardening and don’t have a clue . But I’m sure he was looking down on me watching me . Maybe with a few choice words at some of the plants / weeds I was hacking away at . Xtake carex