Loss of husband

I miss my husband. Feel lost without him


So do i honey … i know the feeling ! Hope youre ok ? X


I miss my husband so much too, like half of me has been ripped out. Sending you love xx


I feel the same. Almost four weeks here after 17 years together.

I hate the idea that I have to go on with life without him, it feels so painful at times. But I try to get out and about and to make plans to see someone each day so that I’ve a purpose to get up and about. When I’ve nothing planned the days are much harder and the gloom settles in.

Sending hugs and positivity.


I am so sorry for your loss. I found this group and the posts very helpful. My husband died suddenly in February and it is since then a never-ending nightmare. We all wake up in an alienated world and ask ourselves how and why this happened to us and why our beloved partners be taken away from us. We were together for almost 26 years and married 15 years and 2 months. Do you have any support or family and friends who can help you? Sending you lots of love and hugs.


Thank you for your message, sorry if I haven’t replied to everyone this is new to me.
I feel I can’t burden friends and family. Family have their own grief. And friends are kind but not all understand. It’s so very difficult and I send my love to you x


I’m so sorry you have had to join this forum, it’s not a club anyone of us would have thought we’d be in but here we are. I’m nearly 20 weeks in. 20 Sundays since my partner of 49 died suddenly.

The beginning is just raw unimaginable pain that no one understands if they haven’t experienced it. All our losses are individual and personal to us but the general feelings of grief we all understand.

It does get easier, days do get lighter and grief is not all consuming. I’m now able to work and socialize and have a relatively normal day but the missing him or loss of my future still crushes me on some days. When those days come I embrace them and let the grief happen.

Something I found useful, was keeping a diary and write to him everyday, telling him all the stuff that I would have text him or talked to him about, if he was here. Also take small steps and don’t focus on the future, think about the next hour.

Keep sharing on here as there’s always someone on here to help.


Thank you, my husband would encourage a diary x