Loss of husband

I lost my husband in August this year we were in spain for our silver wedding anniversary he had a massive heart attack this happened on July 25th one week later he passed away in finding it really hard he was never ill and only 50 years old we were together 34 year

Hi sorry for your loss I also lost my partner in May to a heart attack he was only 48 I hope you are getting lots of support and take one day at a time I did counselling over the phone which did help and this website has been a great help.
Take care
Christine x

Hi, I lost my husband in June 2017 to a heart attack the month after we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. He died in hospital 5 days later from brain damage. Like yours, my wonderful husband was very fit and healthy. I am so sorry for you and know you will still be in total shock. This site has been a great help and comfort, I wish I’d found it sooner. Take care and a big hug for you. Xx

Hello Patty ( and everyone )
What is it with these cruel and devastating “massive heart attacks?” I’m so sorry Patty to read about what’s happened to you and your Husband. How traumatic as well not to have been at home amongst at least some familiarity. I hope you are being looked after. I’m another as my Husband too had a massive HA, very little warning, very few vague symptoms etc. There was so much damage he developed heart failure. So many “outwardly” fit men having these heart attacks and it’s such a tragedy. I hate to say it but 4 men in our tiny road had heart attacks too, have abused their bodies etc one way or another but still survived to tell the tale. Good luck to them I say, but why couldn’t mine ( and ours, ) have survived as well? Love to you all.

Same with my husband . One minute we are chatting in bed the next he has a massive heart attack when he gets up to go to work . He was 60 and really strong and fit . He had been out in his shed the day before exercising on his rowing machine no problem . From seeing someone like that one day to seeing them wired up to a load of machines in the critical care unit the next and then suffering daily cardiac arrests for the next three days and being told he has significant brain damage is such a massive shock . It’s been 10 weeks now . It’s his birthday this weekend . He loved birthdays . We should be in our villa in Mallorca . Instead we are having a defibrillator installed at our business …a garage …for use by the local community in his memory . My brain cannot cope with the massive change in my life and everyone who knew him is struggling especially my three daughters because their dad was everything to them . The longer we are without him the worse it is getting everyday as the horrible reality of our new situation without him sets in . Words cannot really describe it but everyone here knows how it feels . Wishing I could take everyone’s pain away and my own . Romy xxx

Romy I’m truly sorry to read of what’s happened. I often think if I had lost my Husband to another cause maybe I could make a bit of sense out of things. All loss is devastating but as you describe as well, your Husband appeared outwardly fit so why on earth would we suspect/expect the worst. It’s the shock and suddeness isnt it that makes heart issues so traumatic and intensifies the grief. All we can do is just “be” and hope to get through each day as well as we can

I was touched by the passage in your profile image, what a wonderful message to us all.Ill be writing that out, I’ve not heard it before.

Take care Romy.

Hi everyone when it’s so sudden it’s hard to take in the first few weeks i was in total shock I know a few people in their 40s who have had a heart attack James was a hard worker and played football it can happen to fit and healthy people.
Christine x

Thank youTina . Your reply means so much . Not everyone understands but this online community does and it is helping me so much when I am feeling down . Big hugs . Romy xxx

I know . My daughters took part in a half marathon on the weekend to raise money for the air ambulance and we were all devastated at the news that two young men collapsed and later died after finishing it . My heart goes out to their family and friends . Life is so weird and cruel sometimes . It makes no sense . Sending big hugs . Romy xxx