Loss of husband

Hi, I am new on here although I am on two fb forums that are brilliant. I am two months in from the sudden loss of my hubby of 34 years. It’s still very raw which was made worse by all the festivities. Thank god that is over for the year. 2019 is looming and I see it as a new start to planning and carving out an individual life for myself. I started writing a blog for myself from day one. It does help to express emotions this way. I can see how far I ve progressed already. My big network of family and friends have been outstanding but do they really understand - I think not! For me I just don t want to be the new widow that is talked about. I want this pitying to fade and be offered to the next one as someone after me will have to go through this. I do know that I will never feel such raw pain again (god forbid) I ve done my turn
Love to all you brave souls

Hello, this is my first Christmas alone too. I lost my husband 10 months ago. I’ve built a new life for myself with the help of some very good friends, some of who do understand because they’ve been in the same situation themselves. Some say you never really get over it, and I think they’re probably right. I’ve had a relaticely good Christmas, although having been let down by someone who was coming to see me tomorrow, I’ve crumbled somewhat tonight. But tomorrow is a new day, and I’m pretty sure I’ll see things in a different light in the morning. x

You sound strong and positive, my partner died just a few days ago and I am devastated.
Reading your post has given me hope that with time I too might look forward with hope.
Thank you and best wishes for your future.

Thank you. It does get a bit easier, but you have to take tiny, baby steps. It is the first anniversary of his death in February, also our wedding anniversary and his birthday. Things are starting to bubble up a bit at the moment, but I can look at the month and think that at least I get them all over together. I miss him dreadfully and I’m sure I always will. But I’m comfortable and settled with my own life, and find that I have much to be grateful for. Hugs and best wishes, Jayne

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