Loss of mam

Hi i have just lost my beloved mam tday to dementia and care home neglect i am heartbroken pls can someone talk to me or give me a little support and advice on how i can cope with this pls she was my rock and i am devastated xx


So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mum this site is so good to be on lots of lovely people on here who will always talk and listen to you just keep posting on here i now there a few on here that have lost their Mums so would understand how you are feeling

There is also a bit on here about loss of a parent just go on to all categories and they will all show

Hi Ann1707,
Sorry for the loss of your mum. I lost my dad 5 and a half weeks ago. I didnt not appreciate how devastating grief is and all the different emotions that came with it until it happened to me. I have found the site and the people on it very supportive and made me feel that I wasnt alone in how I was feeling. I have personally found journaling has provided me with some support. I write in it every night to my dad and say how Im feeling or what I’ve done that day. I find it kind of helps me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper.
Take care of yourself
Vicky xx


So so sorry about your loss of your Mum. Try and separate your experience of the nursing home and your grief of your mum. It all becomes all consuming and unbearable. And that is natural !
Keep posting of your thoughts on here which can change from moment to moment. There is no easy way out. You will go through extreme emotions a journey only personal to you.
But yet we all have or are going through a similar journey and although may not offer you total peace sharing on here with others who understand may offer some comfort. Thinking of you today x

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