Loss of Mum

I lost my Mum to Covid on 17th December, she was in hospital for a fractured hip and caught it in there. She was 85. Struggling to deal with it all, it’s truly devastating.

Dear Susie,

So sorry for your loss. Were you able to be with your mum before she died? I saw in your profile that you work in a hospital. Have you been given enough time off? I know from experience how hard it is to lose your mum. xx


Sorry for losing your mum.
Covid is taking away the loved ones and the situation that family cannot be around hurt more.
Losing a mum is devastating as one lost the friend who has been with us in the tick and thin and show us that always there are better times, but think what she told you when you were in a difficult time, feel the love she has for you, embrace that love that always be with you.
It is very recently your lost . you look after yourself .

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My mum died just over a week ago im getting severe panic and anxiety attacks I cant sleep I miss her I don’t know how to cope. Gp gave me calming pills but I’m all over the place.I feel traumatised


Bless you Liza, in brief my Helen passed in June 20 Corvid related and at first I was numb, then incredibly grief stricken, sometimes angry, or depressed with anxiety,
Sometimes upset by the true feelings or lack of from friends and family but they each have their own feelings to contend with. Sleep returns eventually the anxiety panic attacks and other emotional side effects reduce.
I may not hear Helen or see her, hug her etc, but in my heart she has her place, and I have memories, I have put away most individual photos, the odd few of her with family are in an album. As they are to painful at this time.
I have a small group of friends and relatives who have beeen supportive, without involvement or overly sensitive.
Christmas was just another day
I read this site once or twice a week, or even month, as I wish to give back, after others have been so generous and enabling. Take care, oh and don’t beat yourself up with if only i I had etc xx

Hi Jo
Yes I got to see my mum 2 days before she passed away, so that was something.
Much as I could do with more time off work, I need to be busy, not much else to do at the moment.
Susie x

Thank you for your kind words,

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Traumatised is a very good description of how I feel about looding my mum. It feels like someone has ripped away part of me.

My mums funeral is tomorrow and I Dont know how to get through it. Yes it feels like someone is ripping my heart out I feel numb and scared and lonely

Oh Lisa I’m so sorry you feel that way.
I am sure you will get through tomorrow. Do it for your Mum. Do whatever you think will help.
I understand that you feel scared and lonely. Lock down really doesn’t help.
You are not alone I for one will be thinking of you.
Good luck

Hi , you will get through it, its amazing where you find the strength in these situation. I know what you are going through and it is hard , just allow yourself time to grieve and let the tears flow if they need to. Xx

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thank you Colin I have not come onto this site for few weeks as was not coping at all. I sm still struggling and dont know how I will ever return to the way I used to be. I have so much anger and hurt in me and feel lost all the time. I am so sorry to hear about your situation.

thank you Jean.I just cme back to this site and saw your messsge as I have been in a very bad way past few weeks.Im struggling to copr and feel so lost x

thank you Angela.I managed to get through tje day but I feel like im having a breakdown and no one cares

It is a horrible feeling, I am 3 months on from losing my mum and today I actually broke down in the supermarket as it was wall to wall mothers day but you just have to go with your grief xx

Hi liza

We care here for each other. You are not alone. Unfortunately the breakdown last for many day o week or months. Try to eat sleep dont worry for other things
Keep posting
Warm regards xx