Loss of my beloved mum

I lost my mum 3 months ago. The day we returned from holiday she passed away as we landed back in UK. I was trying worriedly to contact her with no reply. My son went to check her and found her. It was just before Xmas and a day after my son’s birthday. I tried to maintain a degree of normality for the boys and then was busy with all the formalities. Everybody was caring at the time. Now things have settled and I am struggling without her. I feel everyone has just forgotten about her whilst my hearts breaking. Life’s very empty without her. Like a boat without an anchor. Managing to function but then cannot stop crying when not busy. Just feel lost. My mind drifts to worrying about the afterlife and is she ok. Will she forget me (been reading books). I so hope we can meet again and there is an afterlife. Frightened people will think I am macabre


I’m so sorry you lost your Mum 3 months ago. It must have been difficult for you not being able to get hold of her when you were away. I found the same in the month after my Mum died 4 years ago. There is so much to organise that you’re kept busy and then reality kicks in. I can understand that you feel lost.

It’s perfectly normal to have ok days & then days when you cry. I still have those days but they do get less as times goes on. My Mum is always with me in my heart, over time I was able to think about all the good memories & talk about her without crying.

You should believe whatever you want to & gives you comfort. I like to think there is an afterlife where my Mum is with all the loved ones she lost, like her Mum.

Everyone grieves in different ways & sometimes it feels like people have moved on & forgotten. Grieve in your own way & make sure you keep talking about how you’re feeling. There are so many wonderful supportive people on the forum.

Take care for now x

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Thank you for replying. It helps to put thoughts into words. X