Loss of my dad

Hi everyone, the last few days have been dreadful, dad died 6 weeks ago, and i thought i was dealing with things ok? Today has been horrible, i feel so lost and alone, almost like a little kid whos got lost and wants their parents?? Unsafe?? My husband is absolutely amazing, and my 3 boys are amazing, but yet i feel so lost and alone? My dad was my entire world, my safe place, and now its gone?? Anyone else have these wave of strong emtions


What you are experiencing is awful and is so painful, but is also completely normal. Not that that makes it any less horrible. I am the exact same after losing both my mum and dad within weeks of eachother last year. Take care xx

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@Clarzie78 I kno what you mean. The last couple of days I’ve found it’s crept upon me. The realisation that he’s gone forever & I’ve got to adapt. Every day takes me further from him & that day. I think it’s normal but painful nonetheless. We’re here for you. X


I feel your pain, i lost my Dad on the 10th June this year. I’ve never felt pain like it, i have the same feelings as you, just long for my phone to ring with
" Dad mobile on it" its unbelievable hurt.


I lost my dad on late last December.

I went to exactly the same place. Feeling like a child again, crying over and over just wanting my dad.

I think it’s a perfectly normal response to the loss of a parent.

Then came the realisation of my own mortality which now really frightens me.

Two deaths in the space of 14 months. My partner and my Dad. It’s changed me!


Im so sorry to hear you’ve had 2 losses, i just cant imagine the pain your going through :sleepy:
It does make you think about death more and the realisation of sorting out my Dads personal belongings as well as the paperwork and bills ect, we need to look at our own plans ect to make things easier if the unexpected happened😪
I’m finding great comfort when i visit the cemetery, i feel close to him, its when i walk away the pain comes straight back,:broken_heart:sending big hugs to you & thank you x


Its the worse ive ever felt, just longing to hear his voice again? He died too young its so unfair :pensive:

Sending you all positive thoughts


Hi Clarzie78,

I’m sorry for your loss.

My Dad died nearly 8 months ago and I still feel lost and alone. My Dad was the person who could always make me laugh and feel understood and safe.

I am currently on holiday visiting my brother and my little nephew. I’ve enjoyed spending time with them but still thinking about Dad and desperately wanting to talk to him. Little things like picturing him sat with us and the sinking realisation that it will never be that way again.

Today has been really difficult. I miss him so much I cried this morning on a trip out with my brother. I am grieving my Dad and life as it was this time last year when we didn’t even know he was sick.

The grief doesn’t always feel this raw and gut wrenching but there are days and weeks when it feels excruciating still. I have come on here to try and feel understood as no one else in the family seems to be as distraught or at least they don’t show it. I related to my Dad the most and it’s horrible to think that it’s all gone.

Six weeks is a very recent loss. Take care of yourself, this is a difficult path.


My thoughts are with you it’s hard how those feelings don’t go away they change as time does

Your feelings that you’ve shared are so like mine. I was the closest to my Dad out of all of us and im crumbling inside, i had so many fun times & memories with him, i saw him on a daily basis all most and he’d ring me several times a day, quite demanding some days! But my god i only wish my phone would ring, even though my family are a great help i still feel alone, i just want to go to the top of a mountain and scream Dad!! At this time i just dont know how to deal with the pain i feel. Reading different posts on here im getting the feeling im not alone :sob: and there are many people feeling the pain too​:broken_heart: thank you for your messages xxxx