Loss of my Dad

Lost my Dad last July after being a live in Carer and went through a really dark time (MH) during the Autumn/Winter. Through my GP and a Bereavement Councillor got through this and Xmas/NY.
Since NY been a lot more positive, and trying to get a routine:- walking, getting fresh air, attending clubs etc.
Found out this week that Grant of Probate has finally been approved and it’s hit like a ton of bricks!!


Hi @Heartbroken1937
This feeling is understandable, I know when my mom passed, I spent the first year on autopilot, & distracted by other stressful situations going on around me, but no-matter how focused you are on other things, there is always something that pops up & reminds you of your loss, sadly sorting out their will & possessions is another step on the ladder, it of course reminds you he’s gone, I hope you have close friends or family that can help with this, as it is an emotional process. Take it one day at a time, going for walks is a good idea, it’s good to get out the house for a while & take some time for yourself. Sending hugs of support.

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