Loss of my dad

I loss my dad a year ago and I’m still crying every day I no I dont live where my family live but It still hurts like crazy x

Hi Lindap. It’s very important to release emotions and crying can help. You know there is no time limit on grief. A year, ten years, it’s depends so much on the person’s temperament and attitude to grief. We all do it in our own way.
I have looked at books on ‘how to cope with grief’ and they don’t help me at all. But I always come back here because we all know what it’s like. There is no substitute for experience.
Can you accept that your dad has moved on to a better place. You don’t have be ‘religious’ to know that. Love never ends and you obviously loved your dad a lot.
There is far more to life and love than we can ever know while on this earth.
Try and take care of yourself. I am sure that’s what your dad would have wanted.

I lost my dad in March a day before his 66th birthday. Last Friday I almost had a nervous breakdown at work, that’s never happened before and it scared me. Every waking moment I’m thinking of watching him pass in his hospital bed to the point it was consuming me. I was trying to hold it together for everyone but I was the one suffering. As of Friday I’ve began meditation which I find is helping already keeping my mind at peace and helping me process my feelings. My family say its helping but time will see. Keep strong and find something that works for you as I think I have. X