Loss of my Gran

My gran was like my mother, my best friend and of course, my Gran. She died very unexpectedly earlier this year (April) and the grief hit me at the time but I went into autopilot mode trying to pretend it didn’t happen.

I feel my grief is starting to really affect me now, I cry a lot, I can’t eat or sleep, I have tried to break up with my long term boyfriend because this anxiety gives me doubts about everything and I don’t enjoy things like I used to.

How do people cope with these feelings?

Hello Livs_xo,

Welcome to this community. I’m so sorry to hear that your Gran died very unexpectedly in April this year. It sounds as though you had an incredibly close relationship.

Anxiety is a more common reaction to grief that you might initially think and there are others in this community who have experienced something similar. There’s a helpful website called What’s Your Grief, which has a good article about this that might be worth a read: https://whatsyourgrief.com/anxiety-in-grief/

Do have much of a support network around you? It makes such a difference to have someone to turn to, whether that’s a close friend or family member, or perhaps someone more objective like your GP or a counsellor. And, of course, this community is here for you - this is a safe and supportive space to share how you’re feeling.

If there’s anything I can do to support you, just let me know.

With best wishes,