Loss of my Husband

@Skip No need to feel guilty - and that’s the pot calling the kettle black!! :joy:

Still thinking of you though.
Karen xxx

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Ive never felt so alone. Am in hospital myself. I have lots of visitors, but my andy is not here to comfort me. I need him


@Camille58 so very sorry you are in the hospital. Close your eyes rest and know your Andy is with you. His spirit will never ever leave you. I understand as I had eye surgery without my beloved being with me. It was so very hard, but I just kept thinking of him and felt his presence. It is so difficult, life is hard.
Peace and love as you recover, and you will.


Know what you mean. I now have to get a friend to take me to my hospital appointments when before he would be with me and making sure I was ok. Friends are not the same although I am grateful to have a small band of trusted friends. Today being Mother’s Day I feel it all over again. Im so emotional. Anyway tomorrow is another day. Wonder if I’ll ever get through a day without emotional upset. I doubt it.
Thinking of you all. X


Thank you lovely @KarenF xx

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That’s so true

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