Loss of my husband

Please can anyone tell me how they coped with this awful feeling of loss. My husband died suddenly five weeks today. Where is he now. How do I go on without him…

Hi Lynne
Its 4 months since my husband died I know what you are going through its unbearable at times. Your husband Im sure is in heaven and one day you will be united but until then we have to be strong for them and take one day at a time. I cope by keeping my self busy every hour of the day. Plan each day so you are kept busy, write down what you are going to do and tick of achievements how ever small.It works for me.Im quite a shy person but Ive joined groups where I knew no one, started voluntary work etc. It takes time and a lot of strength but in time you will begin to accept the new life you are forced into. I feel for you so much, the pain, endless crying etc it does subside but after 4 months Im beginning to cope with it.
Be strong and know that your hubby is still out there in spirit.

Hi Lynne, I am very sorry for your loss, it’s one of life’s worst experiences, and affects us in ways we might not expect.

You ask how we cope, and the main thing that helped me through the early weeks was to focus on one day or even one hour at a time and not to think too much about the future.

Other advice that helped me was to avoid being alone for too long and to spend time with family and friends. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect too much from yourself. Don’t be afraid to accept any help you are offered or to cry when you need to. Also to sleep or rest when you need to, and remember to eat even if you don’t feel like it.

You just have to keep going and eventually it won’t be so bad. It is a long hard journey, and it’s not steady progress so don’t be disheartened if you experience temporary set backs, but you will get through it.

With best wishes.

Hi lynne
There are no magic answers to what you are feeling right now. I am 3 weeks into this nightmare and have never felt pain and suffering like it. Crying endlessly is all i know then when i stop something else comes along as a reminder turned off tv because just kept seeing all programmes we watched together put radio on and “J ust the two of us” came on so instant pain came over me and cried again just never stops.
I have found this site helpful and i don’t feel so alone please use it just to share what you feel if you can.
Take care
H x

Thank you all for your replies. I wish I could believe that I will see him again one day. The thought of never holding his hand or having a cwtch is destroying me. It all happened so suddenly I still cannot believe it. Thanks again all. I appreciate your thoughts. My thoughts are also with you all. Lynne xx

I have had such an awful day today. I wish I knew if we will ever meet again but somehow I just don’t feel as though I will. I miss my husband so so much and feel as though there is no point in life at the moment. I cannot cope with never ever seeing him again… I cannot stop looking at pictures, listening to our songs and watching DVDs of holidays etc. How do people go on after losing a loved one? Xx

Hi Lynne
Sorry to hear you had an awful day today. We all have to find our own wsy to cope with the awful situation we are now in after losing our love ones.I did so much with my husband , he was my best friend and I miss him so much but I know I have to find away to cope now. I plan every day and have found new things to that we never did as a couple. I cant bear to do things we did as a couple or visit places we went together.I try not to look back at the past too much, if I do its the good times we had together that I think about.We ned to be strong and positive or else we are not going to survive this ordeal.
Im thinking of you and praying that you have thestrength to get through one day at a time.