Loss of my husband

Why is it so hard

Simply because we loved them so…

And we will go on loving…

It will be 10 weeks this Tuesday since my wife died . I always knew something like this would be awful but l had no idea . No idea of the feelings of complete and utter uselessness . If such a word exists ???

I am much the same ,It drives me crazy ,trying to cope every second ,minute,hours Without our love one.i can’t find the answer.All I know is we loved them.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss I lost my husband in August he was only 43 to allergy my life turned upside down. How do you go one he was my world

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We all must help each other by talking sharing our lost.And Pain. .Ive done things I’ve never experienced,Taking my husband range.Bills,food shopping ,answering letters .and the hardest getting letters with his name on ,it brings me to tears. It’s the hardest thing ,Seeing these letters with his name. I break down.

I broke down seeing letter too how do we ever recover

Oh Dawn,he was so young,bless you. ,I lost my husband in July.he was my everything. I’m lost without him.All I can say is we must all share our thoughts,love ,pain as there is no answer.

So true Kate ,forever,

I don’t know Dawn,my Daugther and her partner took me out ,I felt sick ,tears running down my face ,All I wanted was to see my husbands face ,hear his voice ,his laughter,there was people everywhere,my Daugther had to bring me home. I just broke down.

I know how you feel it’s so raw isn’t it. I lost my one and only two weeks today and feel I have to put on a front for everyone and it’s exhausting

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Your here for reason god chose yu

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I lost my husband 3 weeks tomorrow very suddenly and so unexpected the pain, loneliness and the whys just seem to be getting worse. I keep telling everyone I’m ok because I think they will be getting fed up with me crying I just want to lock myself away .

Hello Baker ,The pain ,loneliness will never go away ,every morning ,night ,the pain gets worse knowing they are not there with you.I weep can’t seem to sleep without him ,hugging everything ,smells ,seems to be going as the weeks months go by .it makes me want to scream trying to keep everything of my husbands. I too tell my children ,friends I’m ok.But the truth is I just want to be by myself .I need to get my head around everything .Baker I felt like u ,but worse ,I didn’t want to live without my husband.its been almost 7months ,the hurts there ,but my children and friends are helping me ,I cry all the time ,your friends are not fed up ,tell them how you fill Baker ,cry infront of them .dont lock yourself away please .my Daugther ,says everyday ,Mum it will hurt Dad If he saw you like this .He loved you .Baker your husband loves you .xxxx

Dearest Jeannette N
I understand where you are coming from they say time heals but I lost my Dave on the 30.9.18 we were married 52 years and had a good life. I still cry when I wake up in the morning. Although like you I have lots of friends and family one puts on a face and they think I am coping, but I still cannot organise anything at home as we had the builders in when I lost Dave and the on suite and master bedroom is still only half decorated, as I just go out everyday. Hoping one day I will start living some type of life in the future because I am sure like your husband Dave would like me to try and make sometime of life for myself. As I am sure Dave is up there watching me. Love and hugs Queenie

That’s so lovely to get fedback,yes I too put on brave face,I was married for 50yrs ,we both enjoyed travelling ,visiting our granchildren ,looking after them ,we both was proud of all our DAUGTHERS ,we would do everything together.my husband was the joker and I was very quite.we was together for 53yrs .the best years .ups and down like every marriage ,but we would sort the problem out. As we loved each other forever.This morning I got up ,weather like this ,bought tears .He would say lets go driving about a meal out and out with my Daugther and partner. He was a person that didn’t want to waste a day at home .He loved life.and family. Memory’s to keep till we meet again. Xxxxx

Today ,I woke up ,my Daugther stayed over ,both are over worked her 24/7at the Adults homes,for children that are very poorly and need a lot of love,Me been over doing volentering at our local hosp and cleaning at night .All to keep me busy .But a usual when I’m home I think a lot ,than loneliness comes in .I miss my very best friend ,my lover ,my husband Tears seems to take over ,songs. Photo memories,How do we cope .The days ,weeks months year gone .Your just waiting for him to come back ,Christmas is near ,We was always in NZ ,Australia with the granchildren …
It’s just an empty space in your life. Heart ,that’s been cut with a shape knife .How do we go on .

Hi Jeanette. We do go on in spite of all the pain. We have to if only for those around us. I suggest you take things easy and slowly. Rushing around trying to occupy time so you don’t have to think too much can be counter productive. It means that the quiet moments can be further accentuated in contrast.
He won’t come back neither will my wife, because it’s my belief they haven’t gone anywhere. They are still with us and looking over us, but our human senses are unable, except on rare occasions, to feel that presence. Not all will believe that because grief is such a personal affair.
Never be worried about tears coming. You should allow emotions to have their way. Bottling up emotions can lead to all sorts of problems. I feel for you and I pick up such pain in your message. I won’t say all the usual things because you will be fed up with them by now. I can only say it is a long hard and often lonely road with lots of bumps and potholes. But we do move along and there is that light that does get brighter. I see it more often now.
Take care and Bless you.