Loss of my husband

I was married to my husband 46 yes knew him 48 feel as if half of me is gone I’m ok but think of him everyday it’s only 7 months since he passed away but it seems much longer seeing couples together really hurt you don’t think about things like that until it happens to you I’m trying to do different things but hard sometimes put on a brave face then cry my eyes out when I get home but hopefully they say time heals but it is tough

Hi I feel exactly the same I lost my husband in January were only together nearly 3 years and married for nearly two and it hurts so much I can’t begin to imagine how you feel after your loss and after so long together my heart goes out to you xxx

My heart goes out to,you as I feel the same. I lost my husband almost a year ago. People keep telling me it gets easier believemeit doesn’t you just get better at coping and putting on a face that fools the rest of the world that you are coping. The truth is you go home and cry your eyes out for the love you have lost. I admire peopletnat say ‘ oh but my husband/wife /partner would want me to move on ‘ easier said than done ho w can you move on. When your heart is broken ? I wish you all peace and happiness xx

Hello, I have just joined the community. I lost my husband of 46years just over three weeks ago. I could never have imagined the numbing pain of missing him, of going home to an empty house. Does any of it improve