Loss of my husband

Hi my names Lisa. I lost my wonderful husband in November. We have 2 kids my youngest is 17 and the eldest is 19. I’m finding it really difficult to cope with their needs as well as mine. My daughter has been wonderful but inside she’s broken. My son is disabled and had to go into a care home as he has challenging behaviour. Feel so lost

Hi Lisa,

So sorry to hear of your loss and the situation with your children.
The lost feeling is very much one of the many symptoms that happens with grief of losing a loved partner. I lost my lovely wife 3 months ago to cancer. It can be unbearable sometimes, but it is a problem we all here have to live with and hopefully we can create a brighter future for ourselves as well as those around us. This is so difficult to do, but I am trying. My wonderful wife showed me through her character how to be as a person.
I wish you well with your life and your struggles. We will all come through this and never lose our loved one from our hearts. There is always someone here with a word of support if you need us.

Take care,


Dear Lisa
I lost my husband suddenly nearly four weeks ago. My children are a little bit older - girl of 24 and son of 31. They have both been very supportive and still are but they are missing their dad too. Daughter is going through anger - why her dad - why so soon (he was just 60) and son is missing his best friend and confidant. They are older than yours - but you never stop being mum and trying to protect them. I am sure you are finding it doubly difficult due to the challenges you face with your son.
I feel lost without my husband too - I dont know what I need - apart from him back again. One day is bad - the next is a bit better - then the next is bad. People on here are so kind and say just a step at a time and I have found if I can make myself busy the day passes more easily.
The people on these forums are great - we are all in the same boat - and there is always someone to listen, advise and sympathise.
Take care
Trisha x