Loss of my lovely husband

I lost my wonderful husband in Dec last year .
It is the worst feeling I’ve ever had . We met when I was 15 and he was 18 so I feel like I’ve lost half of me . We loved each other so very much and needed each other . My life without him has no meaning. I feel heartbroken feeling lost and empty . I am ver lucky in the fact our daughter and family came to live with us a few years ago and I couldn’t ask for a better family all our friends families and grandchildren have been so supportive. But no one can take the place of Billy after 54 yrs together I can’t get it in my head I will not see him again x.

I understand all that you are saying, they were our other half ,literally, when you have been together so long you can practically know what they are going to say next. No no matter how caring your family is, and luckily mine are too, they can’t understand that we are half the person we were
My husband died on 19/1/19 and it doesn’t get easier it just gets different
We all grieve in different ways, I experienced anticipatory grief when he was ill, so people do ,most don’t. I have flashbacks to various things that happened when he was ill even now, . Believe me the grief may not go away but it will change and get less intense
Hope my post helps you

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I know exactly what you mean. It is just two years since my beloved husband died. I cope better now than in the early stages, but can hardly believe it is two years since I have seen him, had him with me every day and night. We met when I was 17, and he was 21 and had just finished his duty doing National Service in the Army, which included time serving in Malaya. We courted 4 years and had 59 years of wonderful married life. To others we would just seem an ‘ordinary’ couple, but we knew we lived for each other, and our son and daughter. Loving the every day things like going out to work, but so content when we were together again at the end of the working day. Our interests were camping holidays with the children, our home and garden, and later on returning to our love of ballroom dancing, as well as keeping in touch with brothers and sisters- always having family gatherings to celebrate special anniversaries and birthdays. In time, I hope you will be able to look back and appreciate the happy years together. Even now I have the occasional dream that I am looking for my husband, usually dreaming that we are out somewhere, in the countryside, which we also enjoyed together, wondering why I can’t find him. Then I wake up to realise he is not with me and cannot be. I have to then take time to relax and recover from the dream and begin another day. I know now how very special our love for each othe
was. Yes, I miss him greatly, but feel thankful for the life we had together. Keep well, and remember the good times. Deidre

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Thank you so much for your reply . It was 8th Dec when I lost the love of my life . Just now I don’t think I will ever get over the loss . He was everything to me I really don’t know how to live without him as we’d always been together. It was 14 mths after his diagnosis . He had chemotherapy so managed to live longer than expected we both wanted him at home . So I am so pleased I managed to look after him . I would have done anything to keep him with me longer and although that year had hard times we had lots of lovely days aswell. It’s just the worst time of my life . I long for him all the time . I’m glad you have said I could learn to live with it but dread a future without my Billy xx thank you for your kjnd words

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