Loss of my mum


I have just joined this community.

I lost my mum to dementia/cancer on 28th September 2022. She lived with me for almost 5 years and I was her sole carer up until the last 6 months when I had carers in daily to help me. The last few weeks of her life were very traumatic. She suffered a lot and spent 5 weeks in hospital and the final 3 weeks in a nursing home as she needed 24 hour nursing care. I spent many hours every day with her alongside working. It is 5 weeks today since she passed away and as each day goes on I miss her more and more. Can anyone relate to how I am feeling?

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Hi Sharon.

I looked after my mum daily. She had dementia. It felt as tho I had lost her twice. Once to the illness and when she died. It was a long five years and for some of it she was frightened and didn’t know what was happening. My dad cared for her also. It was a traumatic time. I miss her every day. Three years later my dad passed away and last year my husband died. I think we feel like we are drowning in grief sometimes. My mum is not tormented anymore she is at peace. Talk to your mum as tho she is still here. Scream and cry if you need to. It’s very therapeutic believe me. Keep posting. This sight is heaven sent x


Sharon welcome and no you’re not alone.

It’s 2 months tomorrow since my Mum died and after her stroke in 2002 I was her carer along with my Dad and had lived with her all my life. I too am missing her more and more as each day passes, it’s truly been the worst time of my life. Sending hugs.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I’m so sorry you have lost your mum as well. It was 5 weeks yesterday for me and I just feel as though she has left a massive hole in my life. I am glad I found this group

Sending hugs to you


Hi Nel,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I am sorry to read your story. At the moment I just feel as though I have a huge hole in my life. Having been mums carer my days were tailored around looking after her and working and suddenly nothing is the same. I am very glad I found this group :slight_smile:

I am in the same untrodden path with no map to navigate from, I share your sorrow

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum . It is 2 months today since I lost my mum and I am still struggling every day. I talk to my mums photo which does give me some comfort and I tell myself in time I will start to feel better, but its very hard. There is lots of support on this group.

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I can fully relate to your sorrow. Mine is very similar, although my mum had expressed her wish to die at home, she was taken into hospital for the last week of her life. I feel so lost without her

I would imagine, like me, lost, no sense of purpose. Lack of direction etc. It is so difficult

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